Hey friends! Welcome to my website! I’m a natural light photographer
based in Rocky Mount NC. I enjoy taking relaxed pictures that capture
the true personality of my subjects. As someone who knows how
intimidating it can be in front of the camera, I try my best to make
everyone feel comfortable from behind the camera. I use light-hearted
and creative techniques to help you get comfortable and have some fun.
This lets me capture you in happy and authentic moments, allowing your
natural joy to shine in your photos!

I love to become quick friends with my subjects and consider our
sessions together a chance to get to know one another and have a good
time. My style as a photographer is very organic and I like to
prioritize laughter and quality photos in my sessions! With me, you
can let down your guard and just have fun, because I will be doing the
same with you!

owner & Photographer


HI I'm


The Floppy Eared Australian Labradoodle I'm Totally Obsessed With!

The Girls

My Identical Twin Daughters Chloe and Casey.


The Most Talented,Goofy & Dedicated Family Man You Could Find.


Photographer, Wife, Mama! And Licensed Speech Therapist.

My Family

My editing style....
I strive to capture beautiful light in camera so that minimal changes are needed. I edit for bright true to life colors. No trendy filters here!

"laugh until your belly hurts & then a little bit more."

believer in FUN & LAUGHTER

About Carol

fun facts

1. I married my high school sweetheart, Mark. We were polar  opposites, but have since become much more alike.

2. I have identical twin daughters, Chloe & Casey. They are talented singers like their daddy!

3. I’m obsessed with cake! (Think Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers)

4. I hurry to the screened in porch to enjoy a good thunderstorm.

5. Bald Head Island is my favorite place to vacation. No cars! All golf carts! Yes, please!

6. Big fluffy peonies are my favorite flower.

7. If a Will Ferrell movie is on, I’ll be watching.

prefer to be barefoot.

golf cart rides with Piper.

Most people don't know that I:

my husband.

My favorite person in the world is:

When I'm not working, I love:

getting to know you.

My favorite part of a session is:

a wedding venue owner.

If I weren't a photographer, Id love to be:

i run on adrenaline.

During my busy season:

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